Anniversary Appeal Committee

The Anniversary Appeal Committee was established by the Senate on 13 December 1926 to raise funding for the University through publicity and to oversee the appeal and ensure that it was conducted correctly. The money was required to clear a deficit of £8000 amassed by the University, also to ‘meet urgent capital expenditure of a non-recurring nature’ and to provide an endowment to increase revenue for general expenditure.

The Committee was made up of the Vice-Chancellor; Sir Mungo MacCallum and various members of the University staff and supporters of the University.

The appeal was to reach all elements of society, but particularly business and the appeals were made via personal influence, public meetings, press statements, exhibitions and a short film.

The Committee held its last meeting on 6 November 1928 although the correspondence continues on into 1929. The meeting was concluded with giving thanks to all the staff and students whose voluntary hard work had created a successful appeal.