Battle of Fromelles, 19-20 July 1916

Staff, students and alumni in the 5th Australian Division of the AIF, from the University of Sydney were involved in the Battle of Fromelles. Below are lists of those who died, were injured and captured and who were there. If there is someone missing from the list that had an association with the University, please email the University's World War 1 Project Officer,


Archibald John Black

Clarence Timbrell Collier

George Robert Duncan

Eric Floyd Hancock

Clifford Dawson Holliday

Charles Harold Latta

Thomas Nathaniel Rickard

Edward Emerson Willis

Injured and/or Captured

Francis Edwin Armstrong

John Henry Barnes

Robert Henry Beardsmore

Cuthbert Theodore Clark

Reginald George Downing

Lincoln Vickery Hall

Claude Lewis Charles Henry

Robert Thomas McCurley

Frank Walker Raysmith

Herbert Spencer Roberts


Herbert Daniel Allen

James Sinclair Standish Anderson

Geoffrey Newbon Bennett

Edmond Henry Burkitt

Francis Harman Day

Herbert Sydney Deed

Duncan Fowles

Harold Willoughby Fry

Austin John Crofts Hunter

Hector Otton Lang

Charles Stuart Lecky

Stephen Raymond Mallarky

Gother Herbert Mann

Cyril Charles Minty

Thomas Robert Rae

Herbert Spencer Roberts

Harold Ashfield Roberts

Frederick Walter Robinson

Clive Frederic Robinson

James Alexander Schofield

Arthur Raymond Sims

Geoffrey Austin Street

Arthur Wesley Wheen

Arthur Charles White

Charles Douglas Waller Wray