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Enduring Legacies

In a series of three videos, six experts explore the consequences of Australia's involvement in war with a critical and inquiring eye. Shifting the focus away from battles and commemorations, they shine new light on the legacy, and long shadow, of the great wars of the twentieth century.
Presented by Sydney Ideas, Beyond1914 and Griffith Review, the event was held on 23 April 2015 in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney with an audience of 150 people.
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Video 1 (72 minutes)
Enduring Legacies - Panel Discussion
Panellists explore the consequences of Australia’s involvement in the great wars of the twentieth century.
Selected topics:
1. How do we learn about the impact of past conflicts? (at 9mins 10secs)
2. What constitutes a war? (at 20mins 39 secs)
3. How do we measure the cost of war? (at 27 mins)
4. What opportunities arose for Indigenous people, women, knowledge and the military? (at 39 mins 51secs)
5. What were the lessons of war? (at 50mins 23secs)
6. Are we ANZAC-ked out? (at 55mins 10secs)
7. What are the legacies of Gallipoli and ANZAC? (at 1hr 6mins 45secs)

Video 2 (20 minutes)
Enduring Legacies - Q&A
Panellists answer audience questions about Australia’s involvement in the great wars of the twentieth century.

Video 3 (5 minutes)
Julianne Schultz talks about Griffith Review Edition 48, Enduring Legacies
Introduction to Enduring Legacies panel discussion on the great wars of the twentieth century.

Building the Beyond 1914 database (4 minutes)

Beyond1914 is powered by Heurist’s research-driven data management system. In this video Julia Horne, University Historian, explains how Heurist will help reveal new vistas of historical knowledge about the University of Sydney and the Great War.
Technical information about Heurist

Gallipoli Landings

The diary of Frances Badham Oliver was developed for the centenary of ANZAC, this video production brings to life the diary entries of a soldier anticipating the Gallipoli landings of 25 April 1915.

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War, Death and Memory

This video records the panel discussion with leading Australian historians on remembering the Great War, the hurt and loss suffered as a consequence of war on individual lives and the national psyche. How did individuals pick up their lives and continue on? And while commemoration was intended to heal a nation in mourning, did it also have the unintended consequence of glorifying a conflict that many hoped would be the war to end all wars?
Presented by Sydney Ideas, the event included the launch of Beyond 1914 and was held to a capacity audience in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney on 9 September 2014.

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War, Death and Memory (includes the launch of Beyond 1914)

Selected topics:
1. Launch of Beyond 1914 database by Her Excellency Dame Marie Bashir (at 0mins)
2. Introduction to panel (at 19mins 26secs)
3. What was Australia’s response to the Great War? (at 21mins 21secs)
4. How did weapons develop and what were the medical consequences? (at 31mins 35secs)
5. What was the cost of war for repatriation, families, women? (at 43mins)
6. What of the memorialisation of war and the Anzac legend? (at 49mins 39 secs)
7. Q & A (at 1hr 5mins 22 secs)
8. Unveiling Beyond 1914 (at 1hr 22mins 50secs)