The Conditions of Access to the Archives state “That no reprographic or photographic copies of records be made without specific permission being given. The written permission of the Manager, Archives and Records Management Services must be obtained before any reproductions are given away or sold. Any copying will be subject to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and the physical condition of the record.” All requests, subject to those conditions, must be made using the Request for Copying Form.

1. Copying
a) The copying of records held in the University Archives is permitted in the following circumstances:

  • Copying of University records for University purposes;
  • Copying of relevant records for Native Title Claims by properly authorised representatives of the claimants;
  • In response to subpoenas, warrants, applications under the Government Information (Public Access) Act or privacy legislation or other legal instruments;
  • For other archives, libraries, museums or other collections for exhibition purposes.

b) For all other requests, the written permission of the Manager, Archives and Records Management Services must be obtained before any reproductions are made. Due to limited resources, the University Archives is unable to carry out large number of copies. We reserve the right to decline any requests.

2. Request for Images
Subject to the physical condition of the image and any copyright restrictions, a maximum of 3 copies per annum will be supplied to researchers for which there will be no charge. For more than three images, the standard charges, as noted below, will apply.

3. Charges
In House Copying
The Archives retains the right to charge a minimum of $40 per half hour for any in house copying of documents and images and will notify in advance that the request will attract a charge.

Reproductions of large photographs, fragile documents maps and plans
The Archives has no facilities for copying large records such as maps and plans. In the circumstances set out in 1, above, it may be possible to have copying carried out by an external bureau. In such cases the researcher will be charged the actual costs of the copying plus an hourly charge, with a minimum of one hour.

4. Use of copying devices by researchers
The use of digital cameras, scanners and other copying devices by researchers is only allowed in exceptional circumstances and by permission of the Manager, Archives and Records Management Services.

5. Publication
The provision of copies in any form does not constitute permission to publish or further reproduce the record. Permission for publication should be sought using the request to publish form.

Commercial Publication
Requests for reproductions by commercial publications will incur an additional charge of $60.