Information about former students and graduates of the University

There are four online sources for information about graduates of the University of Sydney:

Louisa Macdonald & women students, c.1893
  • Alumni Sidneienses is a searchable database of people who graduated more than 30 years ago maintained by the University Archives. Please note that women graduates may be listed by their married names, even where they married after study. You can search the list of Women Graduates (Married) to 1930 (PDF) to ascertain surnames. Not all students are listed so please contact the Archives directly if you can't find a name.
  • University of Sydney Calendar Archive: Details of students attending University of Sydney from 1852 -1974 are available in the published Calendar. (The exam results are a few years behind following WWII, therefore the 1964 Calendar contains the results for 1962 & 1963, the 1975 calendar contains results for 1973 and 1974 etc.) If the student has graduated, browse the Calendars for their record of study and any prizes awarded. Check if they are enrolled as an undergraduate student by opening up a relevant Calendar, looking in the Index for “Undergraduates, List of …”, and browse through the lists by faculty and year. Check their examination results by looking in the Calendar of the year after enrolment (ie 1919 results are listed in the 1920 Calendar), looking in the Index for “[Faculty], Examination Results …” and then work through the pass and credit results. Failures are not recorded in the Calendar. If the student was enrolled but you cannot see any examination results, please contact the as you may be able to view additional records.
  • Academic Records in the Student Centre supplies (for a fee) certified transcripts for graduates or employees who require confirmation of results. Academic Records can also supply transcripts (again, for a fee) for historical or genealogical purposes from records that are more than 50 years old, subject to compliance with NSW privacy legislation.
  • Alumni of the University of Sydney can search and join the Alumni Web Community.

The Archives also holds student records for the following institutions:

Medical students, 1912
  • Sydney Teachers College;
  • The Guild Teachers College;
  • Sydney College of Advanced Education
  • Sydney College of the Arts; Conservatorium of Music
  • Cumberland College of Health Sciences
  • Please contact the for more information or if you require a replacement transcript, Academic Records.