University Officers

Edward William Terrick Hamilton

Edward William Terrick Hamilton was one of the original 16 Fellows of Senate appointed by proclamation of the Governor in 1850. Senate elected him Chancellor (Provost) from 1851 to 1854.


(1809 - 1898)
MA Camb
Fellow of Senate 1850 - 1854, including election by Senate as
– Chancellor (Provost) 1851 - 1854

Edward William Terrick Hamilton was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA 1832; MA 1835) and was a Fellow of Trinity College from 1834 to 1842.

He was admitted to the Bar in 1832, but later decided to cease the practice of law to take up life as a pastoralist in New South Wales. In August 1839 he joined his brother Captain H G Hamilton and friend George Clive in buying a property, “Collaroy” near Cassilis, in New South Wales. He arrived in New South Wales in 1840. With his brother, he managed the property along with other properties that he acquired before returning to England in 1855.

In July 1843, Hamilton was appointed one of the six unofficial nominees in the Legislative Council. He resigned in 1846, was reappointed in 1848 and retired in 1850. In 1851 he became the first Provost* (Chancellor) of the University of Sydney, resigning in March 1854.

* Title changed to Chancellor in 1860

The biographical notes on the Chancellors contain information derived from a variety of sources including: Australia’s First: A History of the University of Sydney, University News, University of Sydney Archives, and Lawlink NSW: Law and History.