Honorary awards

Professor Theodosius Dobzhansky

The honorary degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon Professor Theodosius Dobzhansky at a ceremony held in the Great Hall on Monday, 29 August 1960.


Professor Dobzhansky was born and trained in Russia where, after graduating at the University of Kiev, he was Assistant Professor of Zoology at the Polytechnique Institute in Kiev, and subsequently lecturer in Genetics at the University of Leningrad. In the late twenties Professor Dobzhansky went to America where he was Assistant Professor and later Professor of Genetics at the California Institute of Technology until 1940, when he took up his present position of Da Costa Professor of Zoology at Columbia University. There he joined the famous Morgan School of Genetics and worked to demonstrate the genetical nature of natural selection. His genetical theory of evolution was delivered as the Jessup Lectures in New York and he is the author of several publications including "Genetics and the Origin of Species" and "Evolution, Genetics and Man". Professor Dobzhansky is a Fellow of the National Academy of Science, the Philosophical Society of America, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Danish, Swedish and Brazilian Academies of Science. He holds honorary degrees of Doctor of Science from the College of Wooster (Ohio), and from the Universities of Sao Paulo, Montreal and Munster. He has been Visiting Professor at the Universities of Sao Paulo, Chile and Alexandria. During 1960 Professor Dobzhansky worked in this University as a Senior Fulbright Research Fellow.

From the Senate Report for the year ended 31 December 1960