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Image TitleIcon_sortascIcon_sortdesc Description Archive IdentifierIcon_sortascIcon_sortdesc DateIcon_sortascIcon_sortdesc
Sydney University Hockey Club Sydney University Hockey Club G3_224_2807 25/08/1927
Sydney Teachers College Sydney Teachers College G3_224_2812_10 December 1938
University Grounds, Sydney University Grounds, Sydney G3_224_2812_11 1938
Prof John Booker Prof John Booker G3_224_2813_4 n.d.
John Alfred Brodie John Alfred Brodie G3_224_2814 n.d.
Medical students Medical students G3_224_2826 1916
Medicine III students Medicine III students 167_2827 n.d.
The Wildman Essay Club The Wildman Essay Club G3_224_2815_1 1893
Zoology Department Zoology Department G3_224_2816 1930
Commemm Day Commemm Day G3_224_2828 n.d.