Spassky Copper Mine Limited

The Spassky Copper Mine in Siberia was established by the New Zealand-born Englishman E Nelson Fell and his older brother Arthur Fell (later Sir) in 1903. The Spassky Mine, was situated in the Amounsk, South of Omsk in West Siberia on the Steppes, reached, at that time, by travelling first to the end of the Trans-Siberia Railway, then by horse and cart some 650 miles. Set in the Steppes, the traditional home of the Khirgiz, the area was described by McCrae as 'absolutely beautiful' in the summer, but particularly hard over winter where it is frozen for 5 months, although work in the mines continued regardless. McCrae noted in an interview that he was one of eight Englishman in a community of 1000 Russians and over 500,000 Khirgiz. E Nelson Fell also wrote about his time in Siberia in Russian and nomad; tales of the Kirghiz Steppes, and there are other contemporary accounts to be found including Robert John Barrett’s journal (see reference below). The Mine was nationalized by the Russians in 1917 and closed in 1921. E Nelson Fell is otherwise known for his initiatives in America, where he lived for much of his life.

Postcard from Siberia

Postcard from Siberia sent home by Arthur McCrae. Courtesy Mant family archives

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