Records relating to the University and World War One

The Archives has a varied collection of material relating to World War One. The main series is the research files on those staff, students and graduates who served in the War which were used to compile the University's Book of Remembrance. The files contain a biographical detail sheet, letters, photographs, postcards, and a diary. For more information on these records please click here to read an article in the Archives journal Record by Keith Jones.

Within the research files there is also the Commonwealth account of the landing at Gallipoli, soldier’s magazines, University programs and orders of proceedings for unveiling the Honour Roll and Carillon, undergraduate songbooks and speeches given to the University Union.

There are also photographs of the Carillon bells being installed and their inauguration on ANZAC Day, 1928. (The images can be viewed on the Archives Mediabank – please click here and search for war memorial). The Archives also holds records on raising funds for the University Carillon, programs, leaflets and a list of the bell subscribers.

Within the personal archives of T W Edgeworth David there are his ‘war diaries’ from 1916-1919 when he was in the AIF. The personal archives of Alexander Oliver, contain the war diaries of his son, Francis, from 19 October 1914 until 4 July 1915. For more information on Francis and to read an extract from his dairy while at Gallipoli please click here.

The personal archives of Samuel Henry Barraclough have interesting material on munitions workers as he was appointed officer-in-charge of Australians manufacturing munitions in Britain by the Australian Government Defence Department. There are also 2 albums containing postcards and printed and illustrated material relating to the First World War in Western Europe and its aftermath within his archives. These albums were given to Barraclough by Lady May de la Rue of Welwyn.

The War Memorial Committee, which was appointed by Senate, administered the construction of the War Memorial Carillon. For records of the War Memorial Committee please click here.

The Archives also have a complete set of The Intelligencer – the Sydney University Company newsletter, their songbook and a collection of photographs of the Company at camp on the University Oval and in camp at Liverpool in 1918.

The Archives has volumes of newspaper clippings regarding the University from 1884 to 1964. They contain a wealth of information regarding those students, staff and alumni who were involved in the war effort, debates over conscription and what was happening at the University during 1914-1918. See here for more information.

Throughout the war, Hermes, the student magazine of the University, and Kookaburra, the student magazine of the Sydney Teachers College, contained photographs, letters, poems, and articles by staff, students and alumni. Click here to see the various war magazine issues.

Sydney University Company

Sydney University Company at camp on the Oval, 1918