Open Access Information at the University

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) the University is required to publish "open access information" on its website, unless to do so would impose unreasonable costs.

The following open access information is available free of charge:

Information Guide

The University is required to produce an information guide every 12 months that:

  • describes the structure and functions of the University and the ways in which its functions affect members of the public;
  • specifies arrangements that enable members of the public to participate in the formulation of University policy and the exercise of its functions;
  • identifies the various kinds of information held by the University and the kinds of information the University makes, or will make, publicly available and;
  • identifies the kinds of information that are, or will be, made publicly available free of charge and those kinds of information for which a charge is, or will be, imposed.

The University reviews its Information Guide at the end of each year. The latest version is available here.

Contract Register

The Register of Contracts contains details of contracts between the University and private sector entities that have a value of $150,000 or more.

The Register is divided into three classes of contracts: Class 1 Contracts, Class 2 Contracts, and Class 3 Contracts. The level of detail to be reported varies with each class of contract and is governed by the GIPA Act. For more information regarding the contract classes and reporting requirements, see Division 5 of the GIPA Act.

Examples of the contracted activities included in the Register are:

  • projects such as construction, infrastructure or property development;
  • the provision of goods or services such as information technology services;
  • the transfer of real property and;
  • the lease of real property.

Some confidential information is not required to be included in the Register, as set out in section 32 of the GIPA Act. Contracts of employment are not required to be reported.

Disclosure log of access applications

Where the University considers that information released to an applicant following a formal access application under the GIPA Act would be of interest to other members of the public it must provide the following details about the application in its disclosure log:

  • the date the access application was decided;
  • a description of the information released; and
  • whether any of the information is available to other members of the public and if so, how this information can be accessed.

Records of disclosure logs are only retained for a 5 year period as required by the State Records Act 1988 (NSW). The current disclosure logs available are as follows:

 Disclosure Log 2018  Disclosure Log 2017  Disclosure Log 2016
Disclosure Log 2015 Disclosure Log 2014  

Policy Register

The University's Policy documents are available on its Policy Register.

Information tabled in the NSW Parliament

Information about the University contained in any document tabled in the NSW Parliament on, or on behalf of, the University, can be found by searching the NSW Parliamentary website.

In the last three years, the only documents tabled in the NSW Parliament have been the University's Annual Report. Copies of the Annual Report are also available here.

Open access information not publicly available

The University is required to keep a record of any open access information that is not publicly available on the basis of an overriding public interest against disclosure. The University has not made a decision that there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of any of its open access information. Should such a decision be made it will be recorded here.