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Audit on access groups in Records Online

Records Management Services (RMS) are currently conducting an audit on access groups in Records Online. We do so by contacting each access group owner to verify the membership of their respective group(s). This is to ensure that your information is kept as securely as possible. We thank you in advance for your prompt response to our verification requests.

Practicum files for students on placement

When a student is on a professional placement, often there is a lot of associated paperwork. This paperwork is sometimes required to be kept by the University for 50 years, as it may be required for professional accreditation. Information on a student’s placement should only be kept on a practicum file created in Records Online, not on the students file.

RMS is currently rolling-out electronic practicum files in the Faculties of Medicine and Education. If students in your Faculty undertake a professional placement as part of their study, their information must be kept in Records Online for reasons of security and retention. Please contact Records Online Helpdesk for further information.

Electronic documents on student files

If you work with student files, you will be aware of the time it can take getting a student file from the compactus or filing cabinet, hole punching the document, putting it on the file, then putting it back. This can be made easier by scanning the document and adding it electronically.

Many staff do not believe that this is quicker and involves less effort until they try it, but they are always surprised. Scanning a document means you only have to put it through the scanner; you then sit down at your computer and add it to the file from Records Online on your internet browser. If you don’t know how to do this, or would like to see how easy it is, please register for one of our upcoming Training Sessions.

Privacy/FOI training

The University is bound by NSW privacy and Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. This means that all University staff must ensure that they are familiar with how this impacts on their daily work. Almost all University staff come into contact with personal information in some way or another; how you treat that information is very important.

Archives and Records Management Services (ARMS) is the unit which provides training in this very important aspect of your work. All questions regarding privacy should be directed to the University Privacy Officer, (ext. 14263). Training is also conducted by ARMS on a regular basis.

Gumbula Project

The University of Sydney Archives has been involved in an ARC Discovery Project, led by a senior elder, Joe Gumbula. For more information, go to the Gumbula Project page.