The University’s Contract Register is part of the Records Online system, and is maintained by the Archives and Records Management Services.

The Contract Register serves three main purposes:

  1. Allow contract documents to be effectively indexed, stored and managed
  2. Safekeeping of University contracts in turn to protect the University’s legal interest and mitigate potential operational risk
  3. Fulfill the University’s public reporting obligations under with the NSW Government Information Public Access Act 2009

It is the responsibility of individual faculty and business units to maintain due diligence, by ensuring that all of their signed agreements are submitted to the Contracts Register.


In Scope:

Any document that is a legally binding agreement signed between the University and another party is considered a contract. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Collaboration, constitution and working Agreements
  • Goods & Services Agreements
  • Deeds of Understanding
  • Gift and Donation agreements
  • Procurement Contracts
  • Variations to existing agreements

Out of Scope:

  • Employment contracts – These have already been kept in the staff files
  • Agreements with students – These should be kept in relevant student or University administrative files
  • Draft agreements that are not executed, or were not eventuated

If you are not sure whether or not your contract document needs to be submitted to the register, you can contact Records Management Services and we can confirm it for you.


There are two ways to submit a contract to the register:

  1. Agreements can be submitted to the register using This form.
  2. If you are unable to use the link you can submit the contract via email to records management via email at You will also need to fill in and attach the Contract Retention Form
  3. to the contract document when doing so.


In most cases, the respective business owners keep the paper original for easy reference.

The University’s Contract Register retains an electronic copy of agreements.

However, to protect the University’s legal and commercial interests, Archives and Records Management Service retains the paper original, if the contract:

  1. Has a total commercial dollar value above AUD $5 Million, or
    Is under Seal, or
  2. Has long term ramifications, or
  3. Poses significant legal or commercial risks

The paper original of these contracts must be forwarded along with a form to the Records Management Office (A14) for safekeeping; contact Records Management Services on 02 9351 2213 or to make a transfer arrangement.

How do I access the contract documents I have lodged?

If you require access to your contracts please contact Records Online.