Case Studies

Faculty of Science – auto e-filing of email correspondence without a fuss

Filing of bulk email correspondence to students was causing headaches for the administrative staff of the Faculty of Science. They have now found relief in a paperless e-filing method created by Records Management Services.

The Faculty of Science sends email communications to approximately 720 of their students regarding the “At Risk Policy to be applied - end of Semester 1, 2010”. It would normally take a staff member approximately 12 - 15 hours to file these 720 emails into their respective student files.

Records Management Services asked the Faculty Officer to print these emails to PDF (or Tiff, but not onto paper). Our scanning software then selected the SID from the image and deposited that image into the relevant student file. It took the software less than 1.5 hours to auto e-file the 720 emails to students.

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Cashiers Office

Cashiers Office handles hundreds of financial transactions each day. As part of this receipting process, voluminous amounts of forms and supporting documents are received and required to be retained for a minimum of 7 years. Storage space in the past was never an issue when the office was located in Margaret Telfer building, however when the Cashiers Office moved to their new location in Jane Foss Russell building barely has enough space to store these records for a year.

In April this year, Records Management Services introduced electronic recordkeeping to this office. Utilizing their existing Canon multifunction device and Adobe Pro 9 – free to University business units, Cashiers staff transformed paper documents to electronic text searchable records. Once thorough quality checking has been done, the imaged records are sent to Records Online (ROL or TRIM) by one simple right click from their PCs. The original paper records are boxed and stored for a minimum of six (6) months or until February the following year once financial auditing has been completed.

One of additional benefits Cashiers staff did not expect and was thrilled to realize after the implementation was that nowadays, if their clients enquire about any transactions, all they need to do is to search for an amount, cost code, dollar value, and/or name in ROL, rather than having to flick through hundreds of pages amongst paper batches.

A similar solution was also implemented in Fleet Management around the same time. If you are in a similar situation and think we might be of assistance, please feel free to .

The Sydney Medical School Postgraduate Student Administration

The Sydney Medical School Postgraduate Student Administration handles the admission and progression documentation for the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy combined – which amounts to a great deal of paperwork.

SMS began scanning and uploading these documents via Records Online. However, when RMS heard about this we offered to help streamline this process so that scanning could be conducted in bulk and the uploading of the documents could be automated through our software Ezescan.

To do this, barcodes were embedded in SMS’s document templates – each barcode creating a component of an agreed naming convention. When scanned and picked up by Ezescan these barcodes automatically name the documents and attach them to the correct student file in TRIM. SMS then conduct a quality assurance step on the uploaded documents to ensure that the electronic copy matches the paper version.

After this, all the paper copies can be destroyed 6 months later according to retention requirements set by State Records.

In 2011 it is likely that the Annual Progress Reports that were captured in this manner last year will be completed over a web form. Instead of printing and scanning these, a PDF will be captured directly from the completed web form. This will also eliminate the need for a quality assurance step.

Disaster preparedness and the benefits of electronic recordkeeping

Over the Christmas close down last year one of our clients suffered an air conditioning leak. At the time there were crates of official university files stored beneath the unit and they were damaged. Luckily, those files had recently been back-scanned and an electronic version of the documents was available in TRIM/Records Online.

Although many business units have compactus or filing units to store paper files, hardcopy documents are often left on desks and common areas leaving them compromised if a disaster occurs or exposed to the risk of unauthorised access.

Electronic recordkeeping helps to eliminate these issues – even if a computer is destroyed the data stored in TRIM by that user can be accessed from a different computer.

If you would like to find out about the various methods and interfaces available for electronic recordkeeping please to make an appointment with one of the RMS Project Officers.