Records Disposal

The disposal of University records is regulated through the General Disposal Authority’s (GDA’s) issued by State Records NSW. There are a number of GDA’s covering broad functional areas of administration to the University and one particular GDA for university records.
The GDA’s identify functions and activities, describe the type of records associated with each, and specify a disposal action.
Disposal actions range from permanent retention as an archive, to stipulating a minimum retention prior to destruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Records Disposal?

Q2. I have records in my office that I wish to
dispose, what should I do?

Q3. What happens to my records after I have returned them to Records Management Services?

Q4. The University Disposal Officer has advised me that I can destroy my unregistered records without having to return them to Records Management Services, how do I secure a confidential waste bin?


A1. Disposal is the process by which inactive records are retained, destroyed or transfered. This process is governed by the NSW State Records Act and the mandatory authorities issued by the State Records Authority.
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A2. If the records are in files that are registered on Records Online simply return them to Records Management Services A14 when they are no longer required.

If the records are not registered in Records Online please print out the Application to Dispose of University Records form and return it to the Disposal Officer, Records Management Services A14. The will then contact you to discuss the next step.
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A3. The will assess the records for their historical and administrative value based on guidelines set out by the NSW State Records Act. The records will then be retained or destroyed in accordance with these guidelines – destruction may not take place for several years, see the common retention periods listed below for an idea of how long your records may be kept before destruction.
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A4.The confidential waste service is provided by the Campus assist within Campus Infrastructure Services. Please follow the link provided and request a confidential waste bin.
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Retention Periods of Commonly Used Records

Type of file Length of retention
Student files  7 years after last action on the file
Unsuccessful student applications 12 months after appeal period
Exam scripts - Students' marked copy 6 months
Exam Scripts - Blank Form/Master Set

If the exam was administered through the Examinations Office the master set will be sent by the Examinations Office to the University Archives to be retained indefinitely.

For all other exams, please store the master set locally until no longer required.

If you feel that your locally stored exams are significant, or if you have any other queries please contact the

Staff files 75 years
Leave forms 7 years
PM & D forms 3 years; 75 years for senior staff
Governing body files  Permanent retention

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