The University receives subpoenas from time to time that require it to produce documents. Archives and Records Management Services (ARMS) accept service of subpoenas to produce on behalf of the University. Any subpoena to produce which is served on the University but not on ARMS must be immediately sent to ARMS to ensure that University procedures are followed in relation to it.

All subpoenas that require the production of documents on behalf of the University should be addressed to:

The Proper Officer
Archives and Records Management Services,
Office of General Counsel
University of Sydney
Level 1, Quadrangle A14
University of Sydney, NSW 2006

ARMS cannot accept service of subpoenas to attend to give evidence as such subpoenas must be served directly on the individual called upon to give evidence.

If a subpoena to give evidence is served on an individual within the University, and is relevant to the University, the individual should immediately contact ARMS for advice and assistance in relation to the subpoena.