Recordkeeping Guidelines

The Recordkeeping Manual has been written with University employees in mind. It is set out according to the function of employees within the University to address the aspects of recordkeeping relevant to their day-to-day work.

RMS encourage feedback on this manual, as it is aimed at making recordkeeping easier for all University employees. If there is any aspect of recordkeeping which you feel should be addressed in the Recordkeeping Manual, please do not hesitate to .

University Recordkeeping Manual

Download parts of the manual as separate documents:
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - What is a University Record?
Part 3 - Student Records
Part 4 - Staff Records
Part 5 - University Archives
Part 7 - Retention & Disposal
Part 8 - Making Records of Meetings
Part 12 - Disaster Preparedness & Vital Records

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) as University records

Recordkeeping Guidelines

Naming of electronic documents
Student Records - Filing Guide

PebblePAD - important information

Many faculties have a student professional experience, field education or practicum component in their courses. Under the State Records Act, the University is obliged to retain core Practicum records - for example the number of hours completed and proof of satisfactory performance - which may be required for future professional accreditation purposes. These records need to be retained for a minimum of 50 years after completion of the course. ARMS have been working closely with many faculties to establish an effective way to capture these records to ensure they are securely maintained and accessible for the future.

We recently became aware of PebblePAD being used to record student field learning hours, outcomes and reports. While PebblePAD is a great web-based personal learning environment for students, the system itself and the way the University has licensed the software, does not allow the practicum records to be kept and accessible over long period of time. If your faculty or school is using, or is considering using PebblePAD, for recording the practicum part of student learning please .