Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens

The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens was established in 1980 following negotiations with the Greek government. The Institute is one of the “Foreign Schools” in Athens, similar to other scholarly institutions in the capital of Greece maintained by major European and American countries. Some of these have been in existence for well over a century and Australia is most fortunate to be represented in this prestigious company.


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Latest News

  • The AAIA Fellowship for Research in Greece

    The Fellowship is to support travel to Greece for research purposes by Australian post-graduate students and academics from Australian Universities. Scholars from the fields of Prehistoric and Classical Archaeology, History and Literature, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies who need to spend time for their research in Greece are eligible to apply.

  • AAIA Tour To Greece

    In late 2015 the Institute will conduct an exclusive tour to Greece for its supporters and Friends. The 15 day expedition follows an itinerary designed to highlight the research and fieldwork undertaken by Australian archaeologists in Greece since ground was first broken at the site of Zagora on Andros in the 1960s. Why not take this unique opportunity to learn more about the Institute and its work?

  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, (Vol. 2) for sale

    After five years of work the Institute’s project to fund and publish a second, prestigious “Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum” describing pots and fragments in the University of Sydney's Nicholson Museum is complete and ready for international sale.

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