AAIA Staff

Beatrice McLoughlin - Research Officer (Sydney)

Beatrice McLoughlin

+61 2 9351 7659

Beatrice on Academia

Brett Myers - Finance Officer (Sydney)

Brett Myers

+61 2 9351 4759

Brett received his BA (hons) from The University of Sydney and completed a Graduate Diploma in Museum and Heritage Studies there as well. He is currently in the final stages of completing his MPhil. Brett has worked at the Nicholson Museum, The Archaeological Computing Laboratory and the Centre for Continuing Education. He commenced his roll as ‘Finance Officer’ at the Australian Archaeological institute at Athens in 2000. His primary research area of interest is pre-Roman South Italy and he has been involved in numerous surveys and excavations there under the auspices of the University of Sydney, primarily under the Direction of Dr Ted Robinson. His post-graduate research is focused on South Italian (Lucanian) fortified centres, circa 400 to100 BC, primarily using Graphical Information Systems technologies to analyse their distribution.

Dr Camilla Norman - Project Officer (Sydney)

Dr Camilla Norman

+61 2 9351 8692

Camilla on Academia

Camilla obtained both her BA (Hons) and PhD from the University of Sydney, specializing in the archaeology of pre-Roman Italy. Her research centres on the Iron Age populations of ancient central and south-east Italy and the Adriatic basin. She is particularly interested in concepts relating to ethnogenesis, cultural interplay (especially exchanges between Italic, Greek and Balkan communities), and human agency, identity and mobility. Her work on the Daunian stelae has led her to explore topics including proto-historic gender constructs, ritual ecology, and the expression of group identity through costume and body modification. Camilla has worked on fieldwork projects throughout Italy and Greece, and in Jordon, in excavation, survey, illustration and finds management. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on Daunia and is currently preparing her PhD thesis for publication: People of Ancient Daunia: voicing the statue-stelae. At the Institute, Camilla is responsible for all print and electronic publications, the organization of the Visiting Professor programme, and public relations. She is also Production Manager of the AAIA’s official journal, Mediterranean Archaeology.

Dr Stavros Paspalas - Deputy Director and Acting Director (Sydney & Athens)

Dr Stavros Paspalas

+61 2 9036 7134

Stavros on Academia

Stavros received his BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) degrees from the University of Sydney and his doctorate from the University of Oxford. He was appointed as Deputy Director of the AAIA in 1996, and Acting Director in March 2016. His research interests include the Greek world’s links with Lydia and the Achaemenid Empire, the archaeology of the northern Aegean during the Archaic and Classical periods, and the Early Iron Age Aegean. He is involved in a number of field projects, notably in the Zagora Archaeological Project which he co-directs with Professor Margaret Miller and Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont, both of the University of Sydney. He worked for many years on the excavations at Torone and on the Australian Paliochora Kythera Archaeological Survey. He has published on the cultural exchanges between Greece, especially Macedonia, and its eastern neighbours, ceramic studies, and matters related to the iconography of the ancient world. In his current role of Acting Director of the AAIA he oversees the operations of the Institute, coordinating its various research and outreach programmes both in Greece and Australia, and working with staff, governance and supporters to ensure its continuing success and growth.

Ana Silkatcheva - Library Officer (Sydney)

Ana Silkatcheva

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Ana on Academia

Ana received her BA in Classical Archaeology from the University of Adelaide, and her MA (Res.) and her Master of Museum and Heritage Studies from the University of Sydney. Her research interests are concentrated in the archaeology and art history of the Byzantine and Islamic Levant and beyond, where a major, over-arching focus of her work is an investigation of the distribution and evolution of complex geometric patterns and motifs through time, space, and across material culture. Currently she is putting together the Mosaics of Jordan Documentation Project, an extension of her MA (Res.) thesis, and is also preparing a linguistic project within the sub-field of Arabic dialectology. She has worked on archaeological, heritage, curatorial, and collection management projects in Jordan, Greece, India, Qatar, and Australia. Ana manages the AAIA’s library and other collections and is responsible for collections policies and procedures. In even-numbered years she teaches a course on “Colloquial Arabic for Archaeologists” at CCANESA.

Dr Polyxeni Strolonga - Administrative Officer (Athens)

Loula Strolonga

+30 210 924 3256

Loula on Academia

Polyxeni (Loula) holds a BA in Classics from the University of Athens, Greece, and an MA and PhD in Classical Philology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. She also obtained a Certificate on Organization and Management of Education through an e-learning program at the University of Athens. Loula has extensive teaching experience as Visiting Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University and at Franklin &Marshall College in the USA. Her research interests focus on the intersection of Anthropology and Classics, on Greek Religion and on Greek Archaic Poetry. Loula has published widely on various topics including intertextuality, the pedagogy of Classics, the reception of the Homeric Hymns, and gender and Greek religion. Currently she is working on a book on Reciprocity in the major Homeric Hymns. At the Institute’s Athens offices, Loula is responsible for the library, manages the Institute’s expenses, is in charge of public relations, and provides any other assistance necessary.

Dr Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory - Executive Officer (Athens)

Dr Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory

+30 210 924 3256

Lita on Academia

Lita holds degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology from the University of Sydney, and a PhD from La Trobe University in Australia. She has worked extensively in Greece, but also in Cyprus and Jordan. She is Co-Director of the Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey, and project co-ordinator of the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia. Her duties at the AAIA include the management of the Athens Hostel, development of Greece-based academic and outreach programs, and assisting the Director with general administrative tasks. Her research interests have focused primarily on landscape and survey archaeology, mortuary studies relating to issues of commemoration and identity, and the archaeology of post-medieval and Modern Greece. She has been teaching at Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University since 2011. She has published several articles and monograph sections on survey archaeology and the archaeology of modern Greece, and is co-author of The Archaeology of Kythera published by Meditarch. She has also co-authored an article published in Hesperia on the archaeology of Korfos, a Mycenean harbour town, and is a contributor in the upcoming monograph on the same site.