Reservations and information

Please note that accommodation in the hostel is in demand and limited. If your itinerary changes the Institute may not be able to alter your confirmed booking.

You will receive a formal confirmation of your booking and and an invoice for your stay once your reservation has been approved.

Payment should be made to the Sydney office of the Institute. Australian cheques, international money orders and credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard) are all accepted. Online Credit Card payments can be made by clicking on the "pay invoice" link in the sidebar.

Arrangements for pickup up keys can be made with the Hostel Manager. Normally, keys cannot be picked up on Sundays or public holidays in Greece.

Hostel Information Booklet
There is an information booklet in each bedroom of the hostel giving details of the facilities and the surrounding area. You can access a copy here.

Make a Reservation

For room reservations please contact Dr. Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory in the Athens office

T (30-210) 924 3256
F (30-210) 924 1659

General enquiries about the hostel can also be made through the AAIA Sydney office by contacting:
Ms Beatrice McLoughlin
T +61 2 9351 7659

Information required
It would help the Institute staff to respond quickly if you can include the following information when you call with a query or wish to make a reservation:

  1. Name of Guest and contact details;
  2. Number of people for whom the booking is being made;
  3. Dates of stay; type of accommodation requested and academic status if relevant (i.e. twin share or single room, student or non-student).