The AAIA Fellowship for Research in Greece

The Fellowship is to support travel to Greece for research purposes by Australian post-graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and academics from Australian Universities. Scholars from the fields of Prehistoric and Classical Archaeology, History and Literature, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies who need to spend time for their research in Greece are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents in Australia working/studying at an Australian University and must have a B.A. degree with Honours or equivalent qualifications.

The value of the fellowship is A$15,000, plus a 20% discount on accommodation at the AAIA Hostel.

The next Fellowship will be offered for 2019/2020. Applications open late 2018.

For further details download the AAIA Fellowship information sheet

For reports from the two most recent Fellows, Professor Alastair Blanchard and Dr Estelle Strazdins see the latest AAIA Newsletter

Previous Fellows of the AAIA

  • 2017-18: Professor Alastair Blanshard – University of Queensland
    Greece Before Romanticism: The case of the early inscription hunters
  • 2017-18: Dr Estelle Strazdins – University of Melbourne/Corpus Christi, Oxford
    Pausanius' Greece from Early Travellers to Current Scholarship
  • 2015-16: Dr Jelle Stoop – University of Sydney
    A Social and Moral Economy of Honorific Statues in the Greek World (4th century BC - AD 2nd century)
  • 2013-14: Associate Professor Louise Hitchcock – University of Melbourne
    Investigation of recently excavated Aegean buildings with the aim of critiquing their connections to the architecture of the Philistines and to Cyprus
  • 2013-14: Steven Vasilakis – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    An Archaeological Approach from the Sea: A Seaman’s Perspective of the Maritime Cultural Landscape/Seascape in the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Eastern Aegean
  • 2011-12: Kristen Mann – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    Social Living: the archaeology of households and settlement organisation at Zagora on Andros”
  • 2009-10: Estelle Strazdins - University of Oxford/University of Melbourne (PhD candidate)
    The Future of the Second Sophistic
  • 2007-08: Annette Kelaher – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    The iconography and symbolism of vegetation in Athenian vase painting from Late Geometric to Late Archaic periods
  • 2005-06: Emma Strugnell – University of Melbourne (PhD candidate)
    Diplomatic relations between the Roman and Parthian Empires (92 BC–AD 224)
    and The use of Hellenistic motifs on Parthian royal coinage
  • 2003-04: Matthew McCallum – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    Bathing in ancient Athens : with special reference to the baths excavated in the area of the Athenian Agora
  • 2000-01: Elizabeth Bollen – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    A Comparative Study of West Slope Pottery productions on the Hellenistic world
  • 1997-98: Craig Barker – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    The Hellenistic Transport Amphorae from the Tombs of the Kings at Nea Paphos, Cyprus
  • 1995-96: Dr Stavros Paspalas – Oxford University/University of Sydney
    The Archaic Northern Aegean
  • 1993-94: Dr Judith Powell – University of Queensland
    Fishbones from archaeological sites in the Aegean
  • 1991-92: Dr Nicholas Hardwick – University of Sydney
    The Coinage of Chios from the 6th century to the 4th century BC
  • 1988-89 and 1989-90: Paul Wilson – Monash University (PhD candidate)
    The Athenian Ephebia in the Roman period: the inscriptions and the institution
  • 1987-88: Elizabeth Winzor – Oxford (PhD Candidate)
    Royal Patronage in Hellenistic Architecture
  • 1987-88: Kenneth Sheedy – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    Archaic Silver Coinage of Paros
  • 1986-87: Iain Spence – University College, London (PhD Candidate)
    The Athenian Hippeis in the Fifth and Fourth century BC (PhD candidate)
  • 1986-87: Leah McKenzie – University of Melbourne (PhD Candidate)
    The Hellenization of Iraq: a study of the material culture
  • 1985-86: Annette Keenan – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    Greek and Roman Glass in the Nicholson Museum
  • 1984-85: Kenneth Sheedy – University of Sydney (PhD candidate)
    Archaic Silver Coinage of Paros