Research Permits

General Information

As one of the 17 “Foreign Schools” in Greece, the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens has been recognized under Greek law as having responsibility for the negotiation of archaeological fieldwork permits on behalf of Australian nationals and permanent residents employed as staff members at Australian universities or corresponding institutions.

The Greek government strictly limits the number of permits issued each year for archaeological fieldwork. Permits are required for all research that involves the physical remains of Greece’s cultural heritage, from the Palaeolithic period to the 19th century AD. Permits are only issued by the Department of Greek and Foreign Research Foundations, Organizations and International Affairs of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport to organizations formally recognized by the Ministry: Greek Universities, Greek Scientific and Research Institutions or Organizations, as well as the Foreign Archaeological Schools/Institutes in Greece. Further information and applications can be downloaded from here:

Application for fieldwork permits.
Application for non-fieldwork permits.