Frederick A. Todd, BA, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1930–37

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1930–37

[image: courtesy of University of Sydney Archives G3 224 2106]

Frederick Todd was Sydney-born and graduated in Arts from Sydney University, before going on to obtain his doctorate from the University of Jena, Germany.

Todd began teaching Latin in 1903, as an assistant lecturer, and became assistant professor in 1913. After acting in the position from 1920, he was appointed professor of Latin in 1922, which he remained until his death in 1944.

Todd was first elected to succeed W.J. Woodhouse as dean of the faculty, and re-elected for three further terms. However, half-way through his fourth term he became seriously ill, and H.T. Lovell was elected acting dean in his absence from March 1937; Todd returned in July to announce that illness had forced his resignation and Lovell was then elected dean to complete the final six months of Todd’s term.

Todd was closely associated with his colleague E.R. Holme and, like him, supported the establishment of the university’s war memorials; he also wrote the words for a special carillon hymn, Campanarum canticum.
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