Henry T. Lovell, BA, MA, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1937–41

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1937–41

[image: courtesy of University Archives G3 224 1258]

Henry Lovell was New South Wales-born; after completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Arts at Sydney University, he went on to obtain his doctorate from the University of Jena, Germany.

Lovell began teaching in the Philosophy department as a reader in Logic and Mental Philosophy in 1910, becoming an assistant lecturer in 1913, and lecturer in 1916. Encouraged by F. Anderson, he took over and developed the teaching of psychology, and in 1921 became the inaugural McCaughey associate professor of Psychology, head of Australia’s first university department of psychology, which was in the Arts faculty. In 1929 he was appointed to the foundation McCaughey chair of Psychology, the first such chair in Australia, which he held until his retirement in 1945.

Lovell is probably unique in being elected three times in the same year to the deanship. He was initially elected acting dean in March 1937 during F.A. Todd’s illness; but, when Todd’s continuing ill-health led to his resignation in July, Lovell was elected dean to complete Todd’s term, which expired at the end of that year. Then, in November 1937, at the regular biennial elections Lovell was re-elected to a full term as dean, and subsequently re-elected to a further term two years later.
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