John L. Mackie, BA, MA, FBA

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1963

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1877–84

[image: courtesy of University of Sydney Archives P169 37 35]

Sydney-born, John Mackie graduated in Arts from Sydney University before going on to Oriel College, Oxford, where he completed his MA.

Mackie was originally appointed lecturer in the Philosophy department, at Sydney, in April 1945, and promoted to senior lecturer in 1951. He left in 1955 to become professor of Philosophy at the University of Otago, New Zealand, but returned to Sydney when he was appointed Challis professor of Philosophy in 1959.

When J.M. Ward resigned early from his deanship, Mackie was elected to replace him but at the end of that same year he too resigned as dean and left the university to become foundation professor of Philosophy at the University of York, England. He was at Oxford from 1967, when he became fellow and praelector in Philosophy at University College, Oxford, and subsequently, from 1978, held a professorial fellowship there in conjunction with a university readership.