William J. Woodhouse, BA, MA

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1926–29

William Woodhouse - Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1926–29

[image: courtesy of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences]

William Woodhouse, English-born, took his degrees at Queen’s College, Oxford University.

Woodhouse joined Sydney University in 1901, when he was appointed professor of Greek. He arrived with a reputation also as a distinguished classical archaeologist, and became honorary curator of the Nicholson Museum (1903).

As curator, he was responsible for revitalising the museum and building up its collection, work which he combined with his teaching until his death in 1937.

Woodhouse was initially elected dean of the faculty to succeed E.R. Holme. He was re-elected for a further term, at the conclusion of which he declined to stand once more, saying he believed deans should not be in office for too long.
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