Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have received an allegation regarding potential Academic Dishonesty. What do I do?
    You should read the letter and any attachments thoroughly so that you understand the allegation fully.
    If you have questions regarding the allegation specifically, or if anything in the letter is unclear, you should contact for guidance.
    You may wish to contact the SRC or SUPRA for guidance on how to prepare a response to the allegation.
  • I have been asked to attend a meeting with the Educational Integrity Coordinator but I am unable to attend due to prior committments. What do I do?
    You should send an email to advising that you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment. You may wish to include dates and times that you are available to meet and Student services staff will attempt to accommodate your request.
  • I have been asked to attend a meeting with the Educational Integrity Coordinator. Do I have to attend?
    You may respond to the allegation via email.
    It is important to note that if you do not respond to the the allegation and you do not attend a meeting, the outcome of the allegation will be decided in your absence.
  • What should I bring to the meeting?
    You are welcome to bring anything that, in your view, would support your response to the allegation.
  • May I bring someone with me to the meeting?
    Yes, you may bring a support person to the meeting. This may be a friend, a family member, or a student representative from the SRC or SUPRA.