Arts and Social Sciences Alumni and Friends Association

An Important Update from the Sydney Arts and Social Sciences Alumni Association

Sydney University Arts graduates in front of the main quad

In September the Sydney Arts and Social Sciences Alumni Association (SASSA) met for their annual general meeting. During this meeting the President Nerida Newbigin concluded her term.

“I indicated at the last AGM that this would be my last term as president.” She outlined. “I believe that alumni have greater scope for maintaining contact with the University than ever before, and that we have benefited from the highly professional services of the Alumni and Development office. It is now five years since I retired, and I feel less able to interact on a day to day basis with the doings of the Faculty. There are many new staff, new degrees; new policies and I think that it is time for a generational change in our alumni group.”

She then proposed that the Association conducted a review of activities and processes, to consider how best an association of Alumni and Friends may support the activities of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She thanked the Committee and Association members for their support and commitment during her time as President.

This proposal was put to a vote and it was agreed that SASSA would suspend activities and wait until the review process of the Sydney University Alumni Council was completed, and then look to take guidance from this review. The members agreed that once the changes to the Alumni Council have been determined, the Association will then meet again towards the end of 2014 to review its own structure and future activities.

Tracey Beck, Director of Alumni Relations and Events, thanked Nerida Newbigin for her unfaltering commitment and support of the Sydney Arts and Social Sciences Association during her term as President.

If you would like to comment on what direction you think will best serve to support both the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Sydney Arts and Social Sciences Alumni Association then please do email Kate Macfarlane, Alumni Relations Manager at