Insights 2013:  Inaugural lecture Series

Thank you for your interest in the 2013 Inaugural Insights Lecture Series.
Following on from our highly successful Insights 2012: Inaugural lecture Series, we are delighted to bring you the 2013 schedule. Alumni, colleagues and friends are invited to celebrate four new professorial appointments. Please join us to hear our Professors present on a diverse range of topics as follows:

Pippa Norris
Why Elections Fail
When: Thursday 14 March 2013, 6pm
Vote-rigging, bribery, coercion, voter suppression, ballot-stuffing and fraud mean that too often elections fail. How common are these problems worldwide? Why do they arise? And what can be done about them?
Pippa Norris, ARC Laureate Fellow and Professor of Government and International Relations.
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Colm Harmon
Evidence-Based Policy or Policy-Based Evidence? Making Economics Matter in Australian Society
When: Thursday 6 June 2013, 6pm
Economics is critical to understanding modern society. How can we create an environment where economics 'matters' to our citizens?
Colm Harmon, Professor of Economics and Head of School.
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Mark Ledbury
Art History and Discovery
When: Thursday 8 August 2013, 6pm
Professor Ledbury will explore why art historians so love to discover what lies beneath the surfaces of art and what is really at stake in these acts of unveiling.
Mark Ledbury, Professor of Art History and Visual Culture and Director of the Power Institute.
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Peter Hiscock
Coming to Australia: The First Migration of Humans to Australia and its Global Significance
When: Thursday 31 October 2013, 6pm
The colonisation of Australia was part of a global dispersion of humans. Australia exemplifies this phase in the evolution of recent cultural and biological diversity.
Peter Hiscock, Tom Austen Brown Professor of Australian Archaeology.
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WHERE: 5.30pm - Refreshments will be served in the Nicholson Museum, Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
6pm - Lectures will be held in the General Lecture Theatre 1, Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
COST: $10 per lecture.
BOOKINGS: Bookings are essential, as places are limited. Book online from 1 February 2013 at:
ENQUIRIES: T (02) 9351 7454