Insights 2014:  Lecture Series

Thank you for your interest in the Insights 2014: Lecture Series.
Following on from our highly successful Insights 2013: Lecture Series, we are delighted to bring you the 2014 schedule. Alumni, colleagues and friends are invited to celebrate five new professorial appointments. Please join us to hear our Professors present on a diverse range of topics as follows:

Alison Betts
Power and Propaganda in the Ancient World: A Central Asian Perspective
When: Thursday 13 March 2014
This lecture explores the nature of Kingship in ancient Chorasmia as expressed in the tension between imperial Persian and tribal Saka influences and the role of religion as propaganda in balancing these opposing forces.
Alison Betts, Professor of Silk Road Studies.
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Carole Cusack
Religion, the Supernatural, and the Maintenance of Professional Boundaries
When: Thursday 8 May 2014
The relationship between religions, secularism and the ‘supernatural’ is characterised by professional boundary maintenance, which is here argued to exist to shore up the declining power of institutional religion in the contemporary West.
Carole Cusack, Professor of Religious Studies.
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Jennifer Milam
Rococo Aesthetics
When: Thursday 5 June 2014
Professor Milam considers the relationship between art making, visual experience and the sensibility of pleasure during the eighteenth century.
Jennifer Milam, Professor of Art History and Eighteenth-Century Studies.
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Vrasidas Karalis
The Project of European Unification and the case of Greece
When: Thursday 4 September 2014
This lecture will address this question from the Greek perspective and raises issues of nation-state formation, transculturalism and internationalism..
Vrasidas Karalis, Sir Nicholas Laurantus Professor of Modern Greek.
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John Romalis
The World Trade System and Global Recessions
When: Thursday 6 November 2014
Professor Romalis explores the resilience of international trade in the recent global recession compared with the Great Depression. This time, the world trade system worked. John Romalis, Professor of economics.
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WHERE: 5.30pm - Refreshments will be served in the Nicholson Museum, Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
6pm - Lectures will be held in the General Lecture Theatre 1, Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
COST: $10 per lecture.
BOOKINGS: Bookings are essential, as places are limited.
Please book online at:
ENQUIRIES: T (02) 9351 7454