The Journal, Arts

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Volume 31 (2009)

The volume contains:

  • Robert Dixon, 'Frank Hurley’s Synchronised Lecture Entertainments'
  • Paul E. Griffiths, 'Reconstructing Human Nature'
  • Adrian Vickers, 'Southeast Asian Studies after Edward Said'
  • Cassandra Pybus, 'Black Caesar and Billy Blue'
  • Simon Tormey, 'Not in my Name: representation and its discontents'
  • Review: Diane Austin-Broos, Arrernte present, Arrernte past: invasion, violence, and imagination in indigenous central Australia (University of Chicago Press, 2009) (Jeremy Beckett)
  • Obituary: Ron Dunlop (Michael Wilding)

Volume 30 (2008)

The volume contains:

  • Editorial
  • Duncan Ivison, 'Foucault’s Hobbes and the Concept of Liberty’
  • Edward Duyker, 'Lloyd Rees: Artist and Teacher’
  • Jeffrey Riegel, 'Yuan Mei (1716-1798) and a Different “Elegant Gathering”’
  • Anders Ahlqvist, 'Celtic!'
  • Brian Fletcher, 'Sydney University and the Mitchell Library’

Also a review of Paul Crittenden, Changing Orders: Scenes of Clerical and Academic Life (John Burnheim)

Volume 29 (2007)

Volume 29 (2007) contains the following articles:

  • Editorial Geraldine Barnes, 'Meeting the Medieval Monstrous: An Australian Perspective'
  • Ken Dutton, 'The History of a Detection: A Most Unusual Volume and the Search for its Authorship'
  • Helen Dunstan, 'A Chinese Lesson for New Orleans (and elsewhere)'
  • Paul Redding, 'Idealism: A Love (of Sophia) that Dare not Speak its Name'
  • Mark Colyvan, 'Environmental Philosophy: Beyond Environmental Ethics
  • Robert Winter, 'Comedy is a Serious Business'

With contributions by William Christie, Samuel Taylor Coleridge: a Literary Life (by Geoffrey Little); and Margaret Sankey, ed. Abbé Jean Paulmier, Mémoires touchant l’établissement chrestienne dans le troisième monde (by Wallace Kirsop)

Volume 28 (2006)

  • Eric Csapo, 'Cockfights, Contradictions, and the Mythopoetics of Ancient Greek Culture'
  • Christa Knellwolff, 'Narratives of Empire: Exploration Literature and the Colonial Aspirations of Enlightenment Europe'
  • Agnes Heller, 'What is "Post-Modernism"?: A Quarter of a Century After'
  • Robert Aldrich, 'Coming to terms with the Colonial Past: the French and Others'
  • Margaret C Miller, 'Orientalism and Ornamentalism: Athenian Reactions to Achaemenid Persia'

With contributions by Margaret Harris, Dearest Munx: the Letter of Christina Stead and William J Blake (by Michael Wilding), Christopher Hilliard, To Exercise our Talents: the Democratisation of Writing in Britain (by Geoffrey Little), Noel Rowe, 'Lazarus', and Rosemary Huisman, 'Looking with dispassionate eyes'

Volume 27 (2005)

  • Walther Ludwig, 'Astrology in Antiquity, in the Renaissance, and Today
  • Gay McAuley, ' Site-specific Performances: Place, Memory, and the Creative Agency of the Spectator'
  • William Christie, ' To His Coy Waistress' (Poem)
  • Roslyn Pesman, 'Of Machiavelli, Mazzini, and Many Things'
  • Kate Grenville, 'The Writing of The Sacred River'
  • Penny Gay, '"So Persuasive an Eloquence?" Roles for Women on the Eighteenth-Century Stage'

With contributions by Stephen Garton, Histories of Sexuality (by John Edmonds); and Richard Waterhouse, The Vision Splendid: A Social and Cultural History of Rural Australia (by Elizabeth Webby)

Volume 26 (2004)

With contributions by Ken Dutton, Shane White, Elizabeth Webby, Robert Winter, Elspeth Probyn and Denise Yim.

Volume 25 (2003)

With contributions by Moira Gatens, Margaret Sankey, John Clark, William Christie, Michael Nelson and Jim Nicholls, together with full reports on the Association's special Fiftieth Anniversary events in 2003, covering the past, present and future of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Volume 24 (2002)

With contributions by Leonie Kramer, Margaret Harris, Anne Boyd, Bill Peach, Richard Waterhouse, Nerida Newbigin and Robert Winter, together with a poem by Vivian Smith, and a report on Association activities by Geoffrey Little.

Volume 23 (2001)

With contributions by Giovanni Carsaniga, Diane Austin-Broos, Stephen Garton, Barry Spurr, Catherine Runcie, Terry Smith and Anne Dunn, as well as a poem by Noel Rowe.