Events from 27 August, 2016

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  • 8th September, 2016

    ANTH Seminar Series | Expanding education and entrenched inequalities: Formal schooling and its alternatives in Ranongga (Solomon Islands)

    Education promises social mobility, yet expanding access to education rarely changes relations of relative inequality because new opportunities tend to be monopolized by the most privileged classes in society. Since the end of the so-called “Ethnic Tensions” of 1998-2003 in Solomon Islands, access to basic education has increased, in part through the establishment of many rural community high schools. Drawing on exploratory research on education in Ranongga Island, De Debra McDougall (University of Western Australia) wil discuss rural people’s perceptions of their own disadvantage relative to urban elites and middle classes.

  • 15th September, 2016

    ANTH Seminar Series | The afterlives of Hugo Chávez as political symbol

    In this seminar Dr Luis Fernando Angosto-Ferrández will discuss the intensification of an ongoing struggle over political symbols in Venezuela. This seminar will look at the background and implications of such struggles, particularly focusing on the figure of Chávez as epitome of a contested national symbol.

  • 22nd September, 2016

    ANTH Seminar Series | Exploring Emotions and Power Relationships through Ngöbe Narratives of Intimacy and Jealousy

    This seminar by Carolina Quesada Cordero retrieves narratives about intimacy and jealousy from a Ngöbe indigenous community in the southern region of Costa Rica. The narratives are reconstructed from ethnographic field notes on observations and informal conversations. The aim of Carolina's research is to uncover the affective responses and the power relationships embedded on these narratives.

  • 23rd September, 2016

    Governmentality in Asian migration regimes: the case of labour migration from Vietnam to Taiwan

    You are cordially invited to this seminar co-hosted by Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre and Department of Anthropology. Dr Lan Anh Hoang from University of Melbourne will be presenting.

  • 13th October, 2016

    Joint Seminar ANTH & PE | Curated Stories: How Storytelling is Hindering Social Change

    In the contemporary era we have seen a proliferation of storytelling activities, from the phenomenon of TED talks and Humans of New York to a plethora of story-coaching agencies and consultants. Professor Sujatha Fernandes' talk, based on her forthcoming book, seeks to understand the rise of this storytelling culture alongside a broader shift to neoliberal free market economies. Suturing together a Foucaultian account of neoliberal reason with Marxian and Gramscian accounts of class formation, Fernandes develops a concept of the political economy of storytelling.