Events from 28 March, 2017

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  • 30th March, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Serires | Between bushfire and climate change: suburban cosmologies in the making

    Join this seminar with guest speaker Beth Hill who will present on the topic 'Between bushfire and climate change: suburban cosmologies in the making',

  • 12th April, 2017

    Songs of Home: Anmatyerr and Kam Singing Traditions

    For both Anmatyerr women from central Australia and Kam (in Chinese, Dong 侗) women from south-western China, singing is associated with feelings and thoughts about home. Please join us for a very special evening where ‘home’ is brought to life through Anmatyerr and Kam songs, translations and imagery, and hear the unique song traditions of these two cultures performed for the first time in a musical exchange.

  • 18th April, 2017 to 20th April, 2017

    Placing Spirit, Minding the World: Towards an Intercultural Ethic of Care

    A collaborative workshop with Indigenous thinkers from the APY Lands and anthropologists, philosophers and artists.

  • 27th April, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Dreams of self-improvement in contemporary China

    How are “dreams” becoming a mode of governance and self-fashioning in contemporary China? In this seminar PhD student in Anthropology, Gil Hizi, will examine this question through his study of regimes of self-improvement, and more specifically - workshops in “soft skills”.

  • 11th May, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | A sensory examination of tobacco violence

    In this seminar, guest speaker in Department of Anthropology, Associate Professor Simone Dennis from ANU, will present his research in tobacco violence. He is going to talk about auditory renderings of public participation made in smoky respirations, make a touching analysis of smoking in the family, consider miasmatic violence, and the nexus between taste and vision key to the violence made by Big Tobacco against the smoking person.

  • 18th May, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Becoming Cosmopolitan: Millennial Brazilians and the Australian Mega-Church Hillsong

    In this seminar, guest speaker Associate Professor Cristina Rocha from Western Sydney University will discuss the influences the Australian Mega-Church Hillsong has brought to Millennial Brazilians.


  • 6th November, 2017 to 8th November, 2017

    Environmental Justice 2017 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

    the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney will host an anniversary event, focused on both a retrospective look at environmental justice scholarship and activism and the prospects and themes for current and future work in the field. What have we learned, and what are the challenges, trends, and directions for environmental justice theories, movements and campaigns, and institutions and politics?

    Abstract submissions are now open!

  • 7th December, 2017 to 8th December, 2017

    Living with Monsters - Anthropology Symposium

    Monsters are not just part of the popular imaginary, stalking movie screens and the pages of books. They manifest in socio-culturally specific ways across the world, and haunt humans no matter where they live. The symposium draws on two anthropological traditions—an interest in the monstrous and the ethnographic method—in the hope of fostering interdisciplinary dialogue: adding an anthropological voice to discussions currently taking place in the inter-disciplinary field of monster studies.