Events from 22 August, 2017

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  • 24th August, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Patronage and kinship in popular culture: television families in the Philippines and Mexico

    In both Mexico and the Philippines, powerful commercial television networks are operated by prominent elite family companies. In this seminar Anna Cristina Pertierra from Western Sydney University will explain the particular role that metaphors of family and of patronage play in representing and justifying the public role of elite families and media empires in Mexico and the Philippines.

  • 31st August, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | When the Past Meets the Uncertain Future: An Anthropological Reflection on Gentrification and Historic Preservation in Urban Shanghai

    This seminar features Dr Non Arkaraprasertkul from Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. He is presenting a paper with cases in Shanghai which reveals the changing dynamics of a historically protected community located in a prime business area where residents of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds driven by different incentives reside.

  • 14th September, 2017
    3:00pm - 5;00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Waging Lawfare: Law, Environment and Depoliticised Politics in Neoliberal Australia

    Through a critical discourse analysis of Parliamentary debate and media coverage, Terry Woronov will explore the ‘lawfare’ battles fought in Australia in 2015-16. Using the Carmichael mine as a case study, this talk explores how metadiscourses about the law both deployed and produced a set of political effects linked to Australia’s troubled relationship with climate change regulation.

  • 15th September, 2017
    9:00am - 3:30pm

    SSPS HDR Research Day

    Annual school-wide conference that allows HDR students to present their abstracts, network with other students, and receive valuable feedback on their work.

    Submission of abstracts is now closed (deadline Friday 18 August 2017).

  • 21st September, 2017
    3:00pm - -5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Emergency by the Numbers: Math, Intuition and Values in Medical Humanitarian Action

    This seminar features Dr Darryl Stellmach from the University of Sydney. Darryl will explore knowledge production in and of humanitarian crisis from a ethnographic point of view and generate pathways to action that participants consider both ethical and patterned on rational scientific reasoning. 

  • 12th October, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH & PE Seminar Series | What is patrimonial capitalism? Some lessons from central India

    In this seminar jointly presented by Department of Anthropology and Department of Political Economy, Dr Christopher Gregory from ANU will discuss the return of patrimonial capitalism based on some cases in India. 

  • 19th October, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | Becoming-Woman: CSR and the 'Return of the Repressed' in Neo-Extractivist Ecuador

    Guest speaker Dr. Erin Fitz-Henry from the University of Melbourne will present her paper which analyses the ways that two extractive companies in Ecuador participate discursively in the "return of the repressed”. These corporations institutionalize programs of corporate social responsibility that explicitly prioritize the “needs” of women and non-humans. The theorizations of “women’s rights” and the "rights of nature" being mobilized by corporations also raise urgent questions about what happens when critical theory is embraced by corporate social responsibility managers. 

  • 26th October, 2017
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    ANTH Seminar Series | On colour blindness and Latin American politics: perceptions of race and ethnicity among visually impaired people in Chile y Venezuela

    In this paper Dr Luis Angosto-Ferrández discusses findings of his field research on perceptions of race and ethnicity among visually impaired people in Chile and Venezuela, two countries with quite distinct class and ethnic formations.

  • 6th November, 2017 to 8th November, 2017

    Environmental Justice 2017 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

    the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney will host an anniversary event, focused on both a retrospective look at environmental justice scholarship and activism and the prospects and themes for current and future work in the field. What have we learned, and what are the challenges, trends, and directions for environmental justice theories, movements and campaigns, and institutions and politics?

    Abstract submissions are now open!

  • 7th December, 2017 to 8th December, 2017

    Living with Monsters - Anthropology Symposium

    Monsters are not just part of the popular imaginary, stalking movie screens and the pages of books. They manifest in socio-culturally specific ways across the world, and haunt humans no matter where they live. The symposium draws on two anthropological traditions—an interest in the monstrous and the ethnographic method—in the hope of fostering interdisciplinary dialogue: adding an anthropological voice to discussions currently taking place in the inter-disciplinary field of monster studies.