Postgraduate Study in the Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology is looking for curious, talented and enthusiastic anthropologists who want to do independent research under our supervision. Anthropologists apply their skills as researchers and scholars in many fields, inside and outside of academe, so if you want to make a contribution to the holistic study of humanity, please consider contacting the Postgraduate Research Coordinator and our academic staff members to discuss your application.

You will need to have completed a major in Anthropology in your undergraduate degree (for the MA Research) or a major with an Honours degree (or equivalent) in Anthropology (for the M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs). There are currently no coursework degrees offered in Anthropology, but potential applicants are referred to the Development Studies section of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Handbook.
Anthropology is a key component of the Development Studies programs.

Postgraduate research degrees include an individually supervised research project that is written up as a thesis. Supervision is available for a range of geographic and topic areas. We have a strong tradition of anthropological research based in the cultures and societies of Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We also support a range of research projects in Latin America. For more information see the Anthropology Department's academic staff profiles. Funding for postgraduate student field research is available through the Carlyle Greenwell Bequest and the Peter Lawrence Memorial Fund.

Prospective students are advised to contact the Department directly to discuss their plans. For further information, contact:

Dr Jadran Mimica
Postgraduate Research Coordinator

The Peter Lawrence and Carlyle Greenwell Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology has recently established a postgraduate research scholarship from trust income from the Peter Lawrence Memorial Fund (bequeathed from the will of the late Mrs. Fancy Lawrence in memory of Professor Peter Lawrence) and the Carlyle Greenwell Research Fund (from the will of the late Carlyle Greenwell). This is a living allowance scholarship (equivalent to the Australian Postgraduate Award rate) which will be awarded to the highest ranked student (based on academic merit) who will be undertaking field research overseas (i.e. out of Australia) as part of a postgraduate research degree in Anthropology. The scholarship does not include overseas student fees. It is offered every three to four years.

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