We have a strong tradition of ethnographic research based in the cultures and societies of Australia and the Asia Pacific. We also have a range of research projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, academics of the department are undertaking anthropological research in a wide variety of projects, including: Aboriginal Australian engagement with the nation state; Papuan life worlds; children and youth in contemporary China; racial and cultural identities in Western Sydney; markets on the Haitian/Dominican Republic border; the anthropology of time and space in Aboriginal Australia; cash and gift economies in Papua New Guinea; Christianity in the Pacific; climate change in Southeast Australian communities; youth culture and identity in Thailand; and globalisation and social inequality in cities of Indonesia and Vietnam.

Our broad areas of topical specialisation are phenomenology and psychoanalysis, the anthropology of development and globalisation, racial and cultural identities, childhood and youth, rural and regional areas, history and metatheory of anthropological thought, medical anthropology, urban studies, and environmental change.

We have a lively seminar series which include presentations by academic staff, postgraduate students and affiliates of the department, as well as Australian and international visitors.