Getting Started

In the first year of your degree, enroll in Anthropology junior units, ANTH1001 and ANTH1002. There is no assumed knowledge in these units. Generally speaking, you take one junior unit in each semester of your first year. This provides you with 12 credit points of junior Anthropology. You may also complete one junior unit (6 credit points) during the Summer School period. This allows you greater flexibility to complete necessary units in your degree or to complete your degree faster.

Junior Units of Study

Two Anthropology junior units (12 credit points) are a prerequisite for senior units. After you have done the Junior units you enrol for individual senior units, or proceed to complete a Major. If you meet the requirements, you may then proceed to the Honours year.

At this stage, if you feel you need advice on your degree, contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences , by telephone on +612 9351 3129 or in person at the Faculty Office, Level 2, Lobby H, Quadrangle Building A14.

If you feel you need advice on particular units in Anthropology, contact Ryan Schram , by telephone +61 2 9114 1293 or in person in the R C Mills Building, A26.