Undergraduate Anthropology

Departmental teaching is organised around on the teaching of Junior and Senior units in Anthropology. If you complete the 12 cp of Junior units (ANTH1001 and ANTH1002) you may enroll in the Senior electives even if you are not doing a major.

The Anthropology honours (fourth) year is described under Honours in Anthropology.

Generic Skills

Departmental teaching also develops and rewards the generic skills of an Arts degree.

The ability to:
(a) read critically;
(b) identify an argument, criticise its internal logic, its adequacy in relation to evidence and its compatibility with other related arguments;
(c) do research, find sources and recognise their relative value and authority;
(d) write a sustained and persuasive argument.


Arts graduates with an Anthropology major meet the recruiting requirements of a variety of organisations that require understanding of the cultures and institutions of Indigenous Australia and of our neighbours and trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region. These organisations include various branches of the public service, aid and development agencies including the United Nations, a range of non-governmental groups and businesses with a core interest in international trade. Graduates with Anthropology majors also find employment in a wide variety of agencies, organizations and businesses that require understanding of cultural difference and cross-cultural communication. A major in Anthropology fulfils the social science requirements for teaching the HSC subject, ‘Society and Culture’. In addition, there are opportunities for Honours graduates to work as research officers on large projects in university and non-university research centres and institutes.

How do I start studying Anthropology?

In the first year of your degree, enroll in Anthropology Junior units, ANTH1001 and ANTH1002. There is no assumed knowledge in these units. Generally speaking, you take one Junior unit of Anthropology in each semester of your first year. You can then continue to complete any Senior level units or a full major (36cp Senior units). You may also choose to complete ANTH1001 during the Summer School period. This allows you greater flexibility to complete necessary units in your degree or to complete your degree faster.

What happens after this?

After this depends on a lot of factors, including which degree you are sitting and under which Degree Resolutions you entered.

For best advice, we recommend you contact the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences , by telephone on +612 9351 3129 or in person at the Faculty Office, Level 2, Lobby H, Quadrangle Building A14.

What do I need to know about Honours?

See the Honours information page for more information and course updates.