Majoring in Anthropology

A major in Anthropology commences with the completion of two junior units of study:

Senior units of study in Anthropology are divided into three areas: Regional, Thematic, and Theory and Method, plus 3000-level units. The major requires 36 credit points of senior units. You must complete at least 6 senior credit points from units of study in each area: Regional, Thematic, and Theory and Method. A further 12 senior credit points can be taken in any area. You must also take 6 senior credit points from a 3000-level unit.

You should note that 36 credit points of senior units is a minimum requirement for the major. Depending on the other requirements of your degree program and other majors you may have chosen, you may be able to enrol in extra senior units in Anthropology.

Eligibility for the Honours program in Anthropology requires an average mark of 70% or above in 48 senior credit points of Anthropology, including both 3000-level units.

For a more information on the Anthropology subject area, including a complete description of the major and its requirements, and a table and descriptions of units of study available in this area, refer to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Handbook.