Queer Arab Film Festival: 'I LUV U But...' (2013) and 'Le[s]banese' (2014)

15 October, 2014
4.00pm - 7.00pm (depending on film length)

i Luv U But Fadia Abboud (Australia, 2013/14)
In I Luv U But, one of the characters states that “being gay is complicated. Being Arab and gay is even worse.” This local web series follows Mouna (Abbey Aziz) and Sam (George El Hindi), both same-sex attracted, in their marriage of convenience, as they negotiate their sexual and family relationships. This quick-witted and well-made series explores common LGBTQI themes from the perspective of Australian Arabs.

Le[s]banese Alissar Gazal (Lebanon, Australia, 2008)
Alissar Gazal, who appeared in front of the camera in I Luv U But, is the director of the ground-breaking documentary Lesbanese. Alissar Gazal will be joining us at the Queer Arab Film Festival to discuss her documentary, in which she sought to discover lesbian Lebanese women’s “coming out stories, their relationships with their families, their hopes and aspirations, how they live, how they pick up, what they wear, and how they identify each other.”

Films introduced by and Q/A with Professor Sahar Amer, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, and Professor Martine Antle, Department of French Studies.

Professor Sahar Amer is Chair of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and organiser of the Queer Arab Film Festival. Her research focuses on Arab diasporas, on gender and sexuality in Arab and Muslim societies, and on postcolonial identities. Her most recent book is What is Veiling?

Professor Martine Antle is professor in French Studies at the University of Sydney. She is a specialist in Francophone Studies and is currently working on sexualities in Franco/Arab Art. She is the co-author of The Rhetoric of the Other www.unprsouth.com/rhetoric_of_the_other.htm.

All films in the Queer Arab Film Festival are in English or subtitled. Free Event - All Welcome. For a full list of films in the series download a copy of the program.

Queer Arab Film Festival is presented by the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the project A Continuing Spring: Arab and Australian Views on Social Justice, Equal Economic Development and Cultures of Freedom. The project A Continuing Spring is sponsored by the Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR).

Location: Room N395, John Woolley Building

Contact:Professor Sahar Amer

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