Arabic Language and Cultures Program Overview

The major in Arabic Language and Cultures introduces you to the rich heritage of the Arab world, to its culture and media. It equips you to understand the political, social, and cultural importance of the Arab world and its complex regional significance on the global stage. It is focused on the acquisition both of language skills and of cultural competency.

Depending on your year of enrolment, the requirements for completing the major in Arabic Language and Cultures may be different. Select from the options below to see the requirements relevant to you.

For more in-depth information on the Arabic Language and Cultures subject area, including tables and descriptions of the units of study available in this area, for current year enrolments go to

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Handbook - Arabic Language and Cultures.

I started my degree before 2015

If you started your degree before Semester 1, 2015, you had a choice of 2 different majors: an Arabic language major (ARBC) and an Arab World, Islam, and the Middle East major (ARIS). Each of these majors required a minimum of 36 credit points at senior level, all of which being a combination of ARBC and ARIS units to allow more focus on either area of studies. For more information about previous years' major requirements see the Undergraduate Handbook.

I started my degree in 2015

Beginning in Semester One, 2015, a major in Arabic Language and Cultures requires at least 36 senior credit points, including at least 18 from culture units of study (taught in English) and 18 from language units of study (taught in Arabic). At least 6 credit points of Arabic language units must be taken at 3000 level.

For previous year enrolments: Handbook archive.

Unit of Study prerequisites are also reviewed from time to time. The prerequisites listed for units in your year of enrolment are valid for the duration of your candidature.

Learn Arabic Language in the United Arab Emirates

The University of Sydney has formalised a short-term exchange program that you may be interested in. UAE will be offering you the chance to obtain 6 ARTS Exchange credits over the summer break between January and February. More information

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