Research Strengths in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Areas of research in the department include:

  • Dr Ali Aldahesh: Arabic language and literature; translation from and into Arabic; translation theory and practice; the Qur’an translation; applied linguistics; lexicography; contrastive analysis; comparative linguistics.
  • Professor Sahar Amer: Arab diasporas, orientalism; Arab-European encounters; Arab postcolonial identities; gender and (homo)sexuality in Arab and Muslim societies; Muslim women and veiling; Franco-Arab dialogues; medieval Arabic and French literature.
  • Professor Rifaat Ebeid: Arabic and Syriac philosophical and medical works of Aristotle, Galen and Rhazes; Muslim-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages.
  • Associate Professor Nijmeh Hajjar: Arabic language and literature; Arabic political discourse; Arabic political and social thought; Arabic society and culture; Arab and Muslim Women; Arab and Muslim communities in Australia; Arabic media; and Arab and Muslim issues in the Western media.
  • Associate Professor Ahmad Shboul: Arabic thought: classical and modern; Islam in the contemporary Arab world; Modern Islamic movements; Arab political culture; Arab and Muslim communities in Australia and Arab-Australian cultural relations; Arab Islamic historiography and human geography; Arab-Greek cultural relations in history and modern times; socio-cultural and intellectual history of the Middle East.
  • Dr Lucia Sorbera: Gender and women's history; Middle East Studies; Arabic Literature; Cross-cultural studies.