NEAF lecture: Nomads, Tribes, States and Empires -- Professor Philip Salzman

22 May, 2013
6:30-7:30pm followed by a light supper

The Council of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation invite you to the second lecture in our 2013 series. 

Why do nomadic peoples prefer a migratory life rather than a sedentary one? What is a tribe, and why do some peoples organize themselves into tribes? How are states different from tribes, and what are pre-modern states like? How do tribes and states get along? Why have empires been launched ever since the agricultural revolution, and what is it about pre-modern society that made empire-seeking inevitable? 

PRICE: NEAF Members $25; Non-Members $35; Student Members of NEAF $10.

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Location: Womens College, University of Sydney

Phone: 61 2 9351 4151