Events from 30 April, 2016

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  • 18th May, 2016

    Fire Temples and Towers of Silence: Zoroastrian Architectural Legacies

    NEAF Public Lecture
    Professor Alison Betts
    (The University of Sydney)

    The Zoroastrian tradition has its roots in Central Asia in the fi rst or even the second millennium BCE but we see little of it in the material record until a massive fl oruit in Sasanian times from the 3rd century CE onwards. This talk will provide a background to the rise of the Zoroastrian tradition and the material and architectural evidence that tells its story.

  • 23rd May, 2016

    Archaeology and Heritage in the Tropical Pacific

    To celebrate National Archaeology Week 2016 we are pleased to present two talks on the topic of archaeology and heritage in the Pacific. Both personations will be followed by the opportunity to ask questions.