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  • SOPHI BBQ[15 March 2017]

    The SOPHI BBQ is going ahead dispite inclement weather. 

    In case of showers, please go to the ANTI-ROOM in the Quadrangle. 
    (Enter via Lobby Q between the Clock Tower and the Great Hall)


  • Triabunna Barracks ANU-USyd dig - follow the fieldwork on Facebook! [9 January 2017]

    Follow the search for the 51st Regiment: The heroes of Waterloo who were sent to police the penal colony of Maria Island, Tasmania.


  • Lithics I: Identifying Lithic Artefacts Workshop[13 December 2016]

    This is an intensive three day workshop examining concepts and procedures of lithic artefact identification. It is focused on developing conceptual understandings and practical competency in identifying, describing and quantifying flaked stone artefacts. Participants should take away a quality capacity to identify lithic artefacts, in a variety of conditions, and to be able to use those identifications to accurately describe archaeological assemblages.