How to Apply

Contact the Department

For advice on postgraduate research degrees we encourage you to contact the Department’s Postgraduate Research Coordinator

+612 9036 6337
+612 9351 3072

Postgraduate research courses

Formal application is made online but the process is different for domestic applicants, including Australian citizens, permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens and international applicants.

What to do before you apply

Before you make formal application you need to contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinator by email to find out whether you are eligible to apply for candidature and also whether the department is likely to be able to provide supervision for your research topic. In order for that determination to be made you need to send the following documentation to the Postgraduate Research Coordinator:

  1. 1000 word research proposal (see below for what to include)
  2. copy of your academic transcripts
  3. your CV

It is also recommended that you consult the academic staff web page which lists their research interests to determine whether there is anyone in the department who may be a ‘good fit’ with your intended research. You may contact them about your interest in applying and send them the above information at the same time you send it to the Postgraduate Research Coordinator.

A final decision cannot be made, however, until all the formal applications for each round have been received and reviewed. Only then will we be in a position to confirm the offer of a place and give applicants a definitive account of their supervisory arrangements.

Research Proposal

Your research proposal is an important part of the application as your supervisor and associate supervisor will be selected on the basis of this proposal. You must be as precise as possible in describing your proposed topic and give an indication of the primary texts you will be reading. Significant changes in the research topic may result in the department’s being unable to provide adequate supervision.

Your proposal should also state the aims of your project, indicate its conceptual framework, anticipate its methodology, and include an outline of background reading already completed. As far as possible, it should establish the viability of your project and the extent of its originality. All proposals are different, but a suggested format includes:

  • Description of the project
    What do you intend to study? What are the parameters of the project? What is its scope? What are its limits?
  • A statement justifying the project
    You should explain what your project will contribute to existing knowledge, and in what ways it is innovative and original. This statement will probably include some consideration of existing work in the field or in related fields.
  • A description of the sources on which you will base the project
    You should identify the sources on which your project depends, commenting on practical matters such as their accessibility, the language in which they are written and any other factors that may affect your ability to use them.
  • Conclusion
    Even though this is a proposal for a research project that has yet to be carried out, you should attempt a general statement of the contribution that you think the project will make.


Domestic Students
Australian citizens, permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens do not pay fees for research degrees. The Research Training Scheme (RTS) provides Commonwealth funded Higher Degree Research students with an ‘entitlement’ to a HECS exemption up to a maximum period of four years’ full-time equivalent for a PhD and up to a maximum period of two years’ full-time equivalent for an MPhil and an MA (Research).

International Students
Information on fees for international students can be found here.


Application for scholarships is separate from application for candidature and each has different closing dates. Please make sure you know the closing dates for both.

If you are now ready to formally apply click on the degree name you wish to apply for in the feature pane above to go directly to the online application form.