Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduates are required to attend Departmental seminars, and there are also specialised seminar series for postgraduates in the sections of the department.

Semester 1, 2014

Archaeology and Heritage Seminar Series
Fridays 12-2pm, Old Teachers College A22
Lecture room 448
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28 February
Amy Tabrett (University of Sydney)
Testing models of Middle Stone Age technological variability using the Howiesons Poort phase of southern Africa as a case study.
7 March

Peter Hiscock (University of Sydney)
Creators or Destroyers: The Burning
Questions of Human Impact in Ancient Aboriginal Australia.

14 March
Patrick Faulkner (University of Sydney)
Holocene coastal occupation, shell mounds and economic variability: The view from northeast Arnhem Land.
21 March
Michael Jochim (University of California Santa Barbara)
Environmental Change and Technological Convergence in Southern Germany.
28 March
Ofer Bar-Yosef (Harvard University)
The transition from foraging to farming in the Levant (or the Near East).
4 April
Amy Way (University of Sydney)
Locating archaeological sites at Lake George.
11 April

Alex Mackay (University of Wollongong)
Occupational dynamics and technological change in southern Africa from ~120-12 ka

18 April
No Seminar – Mid-semester Break
25 April
No Seminar – Mid-semester Break
2 May

Hannah Li (University of Sydney)
The Tools of the State: The Evolution of the Scholar’s Toolkit

9 May

No Seminar
There is a symposium on May 8-9 titled Rock, Bone, and Ruin: Evidence in Historical Science

12 May
Alison Wylie (University of Washington)
Epistemic Diversity: The Advantages
of Collaborative Practice
16 May

Benjamin Shaw (ANU)
Interaction and isolation in the Louisiade Archipelago - The prehistory of Rossel Island, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

23 May

Chris Clarkson (University of Queensland)
Exploring 3D approaches to the
analysis of stone artefacts and reduction technology.