Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduates are required to attend Departmental seminars, and there are also specialised seminar series for postgraduates in the sections of the department.

Semester 1 2016

Classical Archaeology
3-4:30pm in the CCANESA Boardroom
Madsen Building, Level 4 - one floor above teh level of the main entance to the building.
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15 March
Delivery of papers presented at the Archaeological Institute of America meetings in Jan 2016:
  • Alba Mazza: Deep-sea shipwreck investigation in Sicily: The Panarea II Shipwreck
  • Dr Hugh Thomas: From skeletons to sites: the utilisation of drones & photogrammetry for 3D modelling at the Ancient Methone Archaeological Project
  • Ivana Vetta: Slags & Ores: Archaeometallurgy & the Geometric settlement of Zagora
5 April
Dr Ilaria Orsi (Neuchâtel University & AAIA Apollo Fellow for 2016):
Worship space in Late Bronze Age & Early Iron Age Greece
19 April
Jennifer Wright
Give it a whorl. The spindle whorl as part of textile manufacture
May 3
Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont
Defining childhood at Athens & Sparta
May 17
Meg Dains
Emborio on Chios
May 24
Emeritus Professor Michael Knight
Water supply & management at Zagora during the 9th and 8th Centuries BC
May 31 Dr Craig Barker
Beyond the Theatre: Recent investigations of Roman urbanism in Nea Paphos, Cyprus

Lesley Beaumont: , 9351 3072