The Archaeology Department offers a number of prizes detailed below.

Please note: prize amounts listed below are only a guide and are subject to change.

Maureen A Byrne Memorial Prize

Established in 1978, this prize is awarded for the best honours thesis in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, provided the student's overall result is First Class Honours.
Value = $1200.00 (2016)

Thomas James Dunbabin Memorial Prize

Established in 1985 by a donation of $1,000 from NCR Australia Pty Ltd on the occasion of the First Australian Congress of Classical Archaeology and to commemorate the work of Thomas James Dunbabin, Reader in Classical Archaeology and Fellow of All Souls College University in Oxford, on Greek colonisation in Italy. Thomas James Dunbabin was a student at the University of Sydney in 1928 and 1929 before proceeding to Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Awarded annually to the student who shows greatest proficiency in Roman arts and archaeology in the course Archaeology (Classical) III, provided that the student’s work is of sufficient merit.
Value = $200 (2016)

Graduates Prize in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology

Established in 1993 as a result of solicited donations from Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology graduates. Originally established as a prize for the best result, provided it was a High Distinction, in a junior level course in Australian and/or Pacific Archaeology. Since at least 1998 it has in fact been given for the best result, provided it is an HD, in any course in Australian and/or Pacific archaeology.
Value $100 (2016)

Dani Petocz Memorial Prize

Established in 1984 by endowment by the family and friends of Mr Dani Petocz, a graduate student in the Department of Archaeology at the time of his death in 1984.

Awarded annually on the recommendation of The Edwin Cuthbert Hall Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology in consultation with lecturers in Near Eastern Archaeology, to the fourth year honours student in Archaeology who writes the best essay on a Near Eastern Archaeological topic, provided that the student’s work is of sufficient merit.
Value = $935 (2016)

J R B Stewart Prize

Established in 1971 by a gift of $300 from the widow, colleagues and friends of Professor J R B Stewart to establish a prize in his memory.

Awarded annually to the best student in the Near Eastern section of the second and third year courses in archaeology.
Value = $260 (2016)

Frank Albert Prize for Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology

In 1927 Frank Albert of Sydney donated 100 pounds to the University of Sydney in order to establish two prizes to recognise proficiency in first and second year anthropology. Since 1981 the Number 2 Prize has been awarded to the best result in any junior course in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology.
Value = $475 (2016)

Rob Thornley Memorial Prize

Established in memory of Rob Thornley, Attendant of the Nicholson Museum 1995-2007, and his contribution to the teaching and learning environment for Archaeology students at the University of Sydney.

Awarded annually to the most outstanding student in First Year Archaeology on the recommendation of the Chair of the department of Archaeology, provided that the student enrols in Second Year Archaeology the following year.
Value = $1,000 (2016)

Marcelle Rosina Whitehouse Prize in Archaeology

Established in memory of Marcelle Rosina Whitehouse (1922 - 2010) who valued the benefits of education and was an indefatigable traveller to the archaeological sites of the Middle East, North Africa and the Classical World.

To be awarded to the best performing student in senior Archaeology units, provided that the student has been accepted for Honours in Archaeology the following year.
Value = $2,500 (2016)

Max Le Petit Memorial Prize for Archaeology

Established in 1948 by a gift of 200 pounds, from G. Le Petit, for two annual prizes in memory of his son. Awarded to the best student in Classical Archaeology.
Value = $170 (2016)