Department of Archaeology Academic Staff

  • Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont
    Greek archaeology, especially that of Athens, Chios and Ionia; northern Cyclades; ancient Greek iconography; archaeology and social history of children and childhood in Classical antiquity
  • Professor Alison Betts
    Archaeology of ancient Khorezm; Early development of the Zoroastrian faith; Nomad-state relations; Bronze Age of Central Asia and western China; Cultural transmissions from Eurasia into China; Prehistory of the North Arabian steppe; Rock art; Hunting traps and water harvesting systems; Origins of nomadic pastoralism in the Near East
  • Associate Professor Annie Clarke
    Archaeology of Arnhem Land; archaeology of cross-cultural engagement and colonialism; rock art and mark-making practices; ethnographic collections and objects; community archaeology; narrative and archaeology; heritage
  • Dr Patrick Faulkner
    Coastal palaeoeconomies, with a principle focus on the tropics; Australian archaeology, zooarchaeology (molluscs) and taphonomy; Human ecology, economics, human-environment interactions and technology
  • Professor Roland Fletcher
    Theory and philosophy of archaeology, including settlement pattern analysis; archaeology of East and South-East Asia; Angkor
  • Dr James Flexner
    Historical archaeology (global); archaeology of Oceania (all time periods and areas but especially Melanesia and Polynesia in the post-1500 period); spatial/landscape archaeology; archaeology of standing buildings; ethnoarchaeology/archaeology of oral traditions; archaeology of modern institutions (e.g. prisons, almshouses, asylums, missions)
  • Professor Barbara Helwing
    Central Asian and Near Eastern archaeology
  • Professor Peter Hiscock
    Aboriginal occupation of Australia prior to the arrival of Europeans; reconstruction of early (lithic) technology; cultural evolution in the Old World and Australia
  • Dr Peter Jia
    Prehistoric subsistence economy in northern China; cultural interaction between east and west
  • Professor Margaret Miller
    Art and archaeology of Greece, 1000-100 BC; Greek settlement and household archaeology; Greek iconography; Cultural relations between ancient Greece and West Asia; Anatolia within the Achaemenid Persian Empire; Iconographic evidence for Persian-Greek relations
  • Dr Ted Robinson
    Italian archaeology; colonial interactions; archaeometry of ceramics