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ARCA2608 - Near Eastern Ancient Civilisations

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Javier Alvarez-Mon


This unit of study provides an introduction to the wide sweep of cultures that have shaped western and central Asia. Using archaeological evidence, students will learn about the development of agriculture, the first cities, the earliest forms of writing, and how civilisations developed in rich and varied ways across the ancient world. Material is based within a broad chronological framework, beginning with the growth of the first farming villages and going on to explore the rise of kingdoms and empires.


one 1 hour mid-term exam (equivalent to 1000 words) (30%), one 1 hour final exam (equivalent to 1000 words) (30%), course journal (equivalent to 3000 words) (30%) and quizzes on reading assignments and maps (equivalent to 1000 words) (10%)


2x1 hour lectures per week


12 junior credit points of Archaeology or 6 junior credit points of Archaeology plus 6 junior credit points of Ancient History or Classical Studies



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