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ARCA2621 - Advanced Archaeology Practicum

Intensive July, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Martin David Gibbs


Field collection and analysis of archaeological data forms the core of archaeological practice. This unit will allow advanced students to undertake intensive training in field and/or laboratory investigations. This will foster an understanding of the links between research design, field and laboratory practice, as well archaeological interpretation and the ethical responsibilities of professional archaeology. In 2012 it will be run on-site in Tasmania, focusing on the analysis of artefacts from the Port Arthur convict site.


1x1000wd essay (20%), 1x1000wd class presentation (20%) and 1x3000wd final report (60%)


26-hrs lectures, 26-hrs workshops. Monday 9th July to Friday 20th July 2012.


(ARCA2602 and ARCA2601) or ((ARPH2602 and (ARPH2612 or ARCA2603 or ARCA2605))

A timetable is not available for this session.
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